Cartier In Tehran Design and 3D Marketing Project


This Cartier Project was done in partnership for the a local branch of Cartier jewelry who needed marketing material made for their advertising.

Due to the delicate nature of the material, some of the subjects could not be photographed traditionally and it was decided that these products should modeled and rendered in 3D. Gold texture material especially made from costumer shader by on in-house artists and applied to ensure photorealism across all the products and make them unrecognizable from traditional photography. Down to the smallest detail, from imperfections on the gems to light reflections from the gold surface; We are achieved unbelievable photorealism and stayed true to the core look of the Cartiert.

A lengthy undertaking; A total of 15 products were modeled in 3D based on the available reference pictures and rendered to be used in the design of Cartier for their catalog.