Diako language academy website development


Diako is one of largest and most successful language learning academies.
With over a decade of experience, aided by some of the country’s most experienced teachers and professors, Diako offers its students world class tutoring to help them achieve their dreams.
Diako language academy, facing many challenges at the start of the covid pandemic reached out needing an all encompassing online learning solution to consolidate all of their courses in multiple for multiple languages.
This language learning management system, LMS for short, was created completely from scratch to best fulfill Diako academies needs and requirements.
Everything from question and answer forms to free and paid placement exams and self hosting video lessons in the form of courses and full bundles, the Diako LMS project was one the most complex system integrations ever implemented by Exonirs development team.
the services provided by Exonir to Diako language academy are not just covered by the development and deployment of the LMS but also its long term maintenance and management. as well as ensuring general SEO best practices to ensure all of the courses and teaching material provided by this high grade institute is fully in front of the user.