From Aways


“From Aways” was an documentary TV series in pre-production; about a group of travelers who journeyed through Canada to explore its rich heritage and meet its diverse people. Exonir was commissioned to handle the art direction, 3D asset creation and rendering, and UI/UX design for the project. While the TV show never came to fruition, we successfully completed the website concept and design for the client.

Art Direction

Exonir played a key role in shaping the visual identity of From Aways, ensuring that it accurately captured the spirit of the show and appealed to its target audience. We developed a cohesive design aesthetic that reflected the adventurous nature of the travelogue and the cultural diversity of Canada.

3D Asset Creation and Rendering

To bring the documentary’s narrative to life, Exonir created various 3D assets, including intricate maps of different Canadian regions. These 3D models showcased the country’s geographical beauty and historical landmarks, immersing viewers in the journey of the travelers.

UI/UX Design

Exonir crafted an intuitive and user-friendly website for From Aways, providing a seamless platform for potential viewers to learn more about the show and its contents. The website’s design aligned seamlessly with the show’s overall branding, ensuring a consistent and engaging user experience.

This project demonstrated Exonir’s ability to adapt to diverse project requirements and deliver high-quality work under challenging circumstances. We are confident that our skills and experience will be invaluable to future clients in the documentary, television, and digital marketing industries