Gadjet Web Development and eCommerce Project


Gadjet Web Development was a long transformation project to take the Gadjet brand from a traditional commercial one to large scale online retailer.

Working with data driven goals, we decided to take a “mobile first” approach for the development of the site. Creating a fully responsive website, available on all devices helped to create a simple and streamlined experience for users on all platforms and allowing Gadjet to reach the highest number of potential costumers.

Utilizing WordPress for design and the WooCommerce platform we were able to create a modern and fast website that gave Gadjet the tools they need to expand their platform on a wide scale.

Using the Google Analytics tool we gathered feedback data and processed them to enable to sales teams to best optimize their stock and pricing. This collected was also used to evaluate user experience data to best streamline the web design based on interaction behavior of users on the website such as promotional banners.

To allow for maximum exposure we implemented “on page SEO” to enable the highest potential clickthrough from search engines; bringing the Gadjet website on to Googles top 5 results. Now projecting a quarter of a million dollars worth of transactions annually, Gadjet has been able to compete with the largest established brands in the field.

Following Gadjets established brand book, Gadjet Web Development Project was done with a modern and sleek design in mind.