IFitCenter website design and development


Ideal fit center Dubai is the only provider of ideal protein products and services in the UAE.
The services offered by ideal fit center include a full-fledged 3 phase ketogenic diet plan as well as all the prepared meals dieters need to lose weight, gain a healthy lifestyle and maintain their health.
Founded by Dr.Babak Jamalian, one the regions most famous clinical dietitians, the clinic has been operating for years without without an online presence.
IfitCenter had went through a rocky road before coming to exonir, working online ceaselessly for for over a year without seeing any results due to a lack of a clear marketing strategy and e-commerce plan.
The partnership between the two parties started with the overhaul of the IfitCenter website. A complete redesign of the website was required to have the brand be one with pre-set identity of ideal protein.
During this redesign and deployment project almost all of the content for ideal fit center had to be re-written to keep in line with SEO best practices. All the images, logos and videos on the website had to also be replaced with more appropriate pictures.
Experiencing the positive effects of a clear cut marketing plan on their business, it was decided by ideal fit center that their partnership with exonir be developed more and they entrusted us with the management of IfitCenter social media accounts as well as other aspects of digital marketing including Google Ads, YouTube Ads and Meta Ads.
Throughout the year long partnership the clinic has seen a sharp increase in brand awareness with further feature development and marketing projects to follow.