Incorrect Art Exhibition and 3D Product Modeling


Incorrect Art Exhibition was a project done in partnership with an independent artist whose works were in
need of marketing and branding.
Originally starting off with setting up a unique brand identity for the exhibit and all related material, we
worked along side the client to capture the essence of their work in as accurate a manner as possible to
maintain their vision and incorporate their design cues. These efforts produced a package including a
logo, font and a color pallet for the brand. These designs came together to form the marketing material
and the official stationary and material for the Incorrect Art Exhibition.
Due to the form and style of the boxes and material, practical photography would not have sufficed and
after consulting with the client it was decided that we decided on fully rendering the in 3D space with
photorealistic lighting to best capture the essence of the material using the best suited software and rendering technology.
The designs and 3D renders were tweaked and polished individually for the purposes of marketing, digital
distribution and for print; each careful composed and prepared based on the final presented medium
without comprising the core concept and identity of the project.
Incorrect Art Exhibition took place in 2017 with the relevant, marketing, publicity and official material being
designed and produced by Exonir.