KMT Shop Website Development, Design and Art Direction Project


KMT Shop Website Development was large scale project designing a website for KMT group, a healthcare consultant group.

Using WordPress, we were able to create a unique and beautiful design, equipped with all modern tools available to expand their platform.

Although WordPress gave us control over the fundamental design of website, in the end unique tools had to designed developed; for instance a plugin had to be developed and implemented for especial requirement of checking individual users national ID to provided them the services best suited for them. Aside from the User Experience we also developed plugins for managing side of the website given their especial structure.

By implementing on page SEO were able to increase traffic through the website exponentially; We were able to give KMT group the tools they need to expand as a leading healthcare services provider.

Using Analytic platform we were able to create a streamlined, data driven process to connect costumers To KMT Shop through the Website. In KMT Shop Website Development User interaction data guided us to design a platform to present the most relevant information to the user in a rich way, wrapped up in a sleek and modern look.

KMT group was in need of an all-encompassing solution for their social media platforms and to portray their expertise and experience in a clear and unified style on online platforms.
After a period of stagnant returns of engagement on various platforms we were able to revive their brand online by carefully examining their brand book and the groups personality and creating multiple designs and plans of engagement for their social media identity.
KMT Graphic Design included graphic design services as well as a period of managing their social media accounts to facilitate the new designs.