Lunaci Photography


Lunaci’s photography project was completed in partnership with elevoid who had taken on lunaci’s marketing material.

Provided with a curated mood board consisting of the clients requirements, art direction, color pallet, the general mood and tone as well as other specific actions set by the client we were able to take on the challenge of producing high quality marketing material suited for publishing in lunaci’s main European market.

This project include the debut photography, filming and documentation of a number of Lunaci products while keeping true the design direction of the established and the notes and specifications given to us throughout the course of the project.

To keep in line with a previously established brand identity many design cues and set elements had to be worked in, including working both soft and rigid fabric materials such as silk or velvet; capturing each material along side the product in high quality, high contrast product photography.

Individual products were worked and polished to the point of perfection for numerous shooting sessions to best capture the essence of luxury and elegance that has come to define the cosmetics industry and Lunaci products whether in photos or videos; print or digital screens.

Given the high standards of a luxurious cosmetics company we worked tirelessly to best capture the the identity and brand of Lunaci cosmetics while living up the leading industry standards.

We are proud to have maintained a long lasting relationship with Lunaci and elevoid over, and beyond the scope of Lunaci Photography project.