Lunaci Web Development and Web Design Project


Lunaci Web Development Project was done with the purpose of showing off the high quality products of the brand on a sleek and modern website.

Lunaci, a European cosmetics and beauty brand, offers high quality beauty products and needed website that represented luxurious reputation and standards of the brand. The web design process of the site followed the established brand book of Lunaci to remain faithful to the original vision of the brand.

Using WordPress and the WooCommerce platform we were able to create a fast and responsive website as well as providing all the tools for a beautiful and sleek design for the presentation of their products.

With the purpose of informing the user of Lunaci’s product line, we designed a website that offers a rich and minimal experience to user in the most beautiful and optimized way possible; utilizing analytics tools, such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, and on page SEO to streamline the user experience.

Lunaci Web Development enabled the brand to establish themselves on the internet to expand their promotional capabilities on their websites and on other social media platforms.