Persca Art Direction Project and 3D Product Design


Persca Art Direction Project as well as our relationship with Persca began with the art direction of
their new website which was in need of an overhaul which included completing the fundamental steps of
design; deciding on color pallets font and logos and sketching and designing the ui of the new website.
After the completion of the initial tasks, due to the interest of all parties involved, elevoid, exonir and
persca design, we decided expand our partnerships as well as the scope of Persca Art Direction project scope to include providing the material and assets to best
market the clients products on the website.
To best capture the products offered by persca it was decided that it would be best for the products to be
digitally modeled in 3D and photo-realistically rendered with a careful selection of materials, textures and
lighting conditions.
Each product went through its own design process with materials and decorative elements being selected
individually to best match the product being offered. Each render was sketched multiple times to ensure
the costumers satisfaction.
Due to the way the material was to be implemented on the website, after the 3D modeling was done it was
requested that each product be animated for each presented slide on the website.
A massive undertaking by itself, each product was animated based on the material used, the packaging
and overall tone of the subjects to best bring them to life.