Sunwan Commodity Web Development Project


Sunwan Commodity web development project, done in partnership with Sunwan commodity, An international firm specializing in global trade.

Sunwan commodity represents a vast array of clients on a global scale, offering them financial, commercial, sourcing and shipping solutions. Operating in the fields of metals and mineral, food products and oil and gas products; Sunwan commodity is one of the leading firms in its field.

Sunwan Commodity Web Development Project was done with a minimal and value based approach to best live up to the expectations of Sunwan Commodity and their clients. We have designed the with purpose of best representing the services and solutions offered by Sunwan commodity.

Taking a thoughtful approach to design, we strived to create the most elegant design as well include the most relevant information in a condescend and minimal style and theme and best suited the fast paced and modern field of global trade.

Using the WordPress platform for both design and execution we were able to ensure a quick and responsive while enabling SEO capabilities to ensure traffic and exposure.