Sometimes the cheaper option ends up more costly.


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Maybe you’ve been in a situation where the presented proposal with a low upfront cost seemed enticing… but ended up being more costly because of last minute changes and edits. Maybe the contractor does not offer long term product support or any further services after project completion; even if we disregard the quality and speciality of the work being undertaken, it is also likely that the proposed solution will have no benefits for your business.

What factors should we consider when it comes to pricing? 

We at exonir have drawn upon our experience in project pricing to provide you with a rudimentary list of factors to keep under consideration.  

Speciality and Quality

Any specialist in any field of work is able to determine the value and benefits of their work for their costume. Asking questions such as: “What are the qualifications of this contractor?”, “How much time is going to be spent on this project?” or “What is the comparative value of the final product compared to a fully executed and flawless operation?” can help clarify your decision making process.

Scope of the project

Starting work on a new project often illuminates issues that were previously unknown to the company. Experienced contractors will often include their pricing for resolving these unforeseen issues in their estimates. Generally speaking companies working with contractors would prefer to work with people who will issue a single expansive price receipt rather than having to continuously pay for minor updates to the work process.


 long term support of a project is an unwritten rule of business that rarely gets discussed. Will the contractor maintain their working relationship with you after they have completed their assignment? Will they continue to advise and offer consultation after they have delivered their part of the contract? Although not necessarily part of a contractor’s official duties these are the marks of a professional and trustworthy service provider and would naturally affect the pricing of the project. In these cases it is best for both parties to discuss how much integration and support structure they would like to have in the process of the project.