Content Burnout and its Remedies


What is Content Burnout? Content burnout is a psychological state of being related to writing and creative work. A state similar to writers block where the author cannot proceed with their work, due either internal or environmental factors. It has to be noted that content burnout is famously not related to lack of commitment or […]

Content Co-Working Methods


Any company’s content team, plays an integral part in the duties of other departments. whether to create content for ongoing projects or to generate ideas from other teams’ operations; content creators need direct relations with other departments; But the speed and process which media and technology departments work at is not always in-tune with the […]

Waterfall and Agile management systems


A unified and goal orientated management system is a must-have for any team setting out on a large project. Internet marketing and media creation is no exception; but just following a set of rules and guidelines does not guarantee a desirable outcome. The responsibility falls on the management team to choose, implement and develop a […]