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Any company’s content team, plays an integral part in the duties of other departments. whether to create content for ongoing projects or to generate ideas from other teams’ operations; content creators need direct relations with other departments; But the speed and process which media and technology departments work at is not always in-tune with the content team. Because of these reasons, Exonir’s project management team have taken to using common project management tools in new and ingenious processes to aid both teams in harmonizing. 



without a doubt you’ve head of the project and task management platform; Trello. Love it, or hate it for its uses in project management; its efficacy in aiding the work process of modern companies in unquestionable.

At every step of every project, the content team can. by studying and keeping up-to-date with the tasks that are being undertaken by other teams, the content and writing teams can generate content ideas. Also by specifying due dates for tasks and projects the writing team can stay on top of time constraints and deliver content on-time.



Slack is one the most used, inter-communication systems for enterprise; and it has first-in-class compatibility with some of the most common platforms used by professionals in every field, such as Trello, Google Drive and etc…  .

A company’s management team can, through organizing communications and material sent through the application, in designated channels, aid in the content writing teams work process. To give an example, by creating and maintaining a channel specific to the transfer of artwork created for content, you can create a referable bank of media to be used to decorate written content or to serve in the process of idea generation. Your company’s content can also, by referring to detailed reports of accomplished tasks come up with new content ideas that highlight your companies best work.


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Notion is one of the latest and most capable knowledge management systems in use today. Its main selling points are it’s cloud based services, compatibility with other platforms and its lack of a set and stagnant working enviorment allowing for total cosoumiziblity.

Notion can be used as a main hub and reference point for all your companies written and visual productions. This feature as well as Notions focus on written content, turns it into an ideal work environment for content teams. Having access to the teams entire backlog of visual productions and technology and development reports is a priceless features of the Notion platform.

Content Meetings

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Content creation, like most other duties of a digital services company is a group activity, requiring cooperation and teamwork from all sides. Aside from obvious benefits of a in-person content generation meeting, these meetings can create unique opportunities for content teams.

Media and tech-dev teams can, through discussing work processes, project challenges and results achieved in project hand-ins aid in the content making process and serve as the main inspiration for your companies original content. These meetings can also serve to familirize your teams with the work process of the content writing teams and inspire cooperation.

To learn more about the importance of in-person meetings for medium to large teams you read our earlier post on the subject.